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So I may or may not be trying to plot out the logistics of a human personification of Vegnagun.

Under the cut is what I have so far.

About two weeks after Vegnagun's defeat in the Farplane, an eight year old girl was found by the Kinderguardians, unconscious in what was left of the Bevelle Cloister of Trials. Upon being brought to the temple healer, she stayed unconscious for three days before she awoke...absolutely terrified of the people surrounding her.

It took almost a week for her to finally become brave enough to leave the healer's chambers, even if it wasn't for more than twenty minutes at a time at first. Over time however, she made it to an hour, during which she would just sit in the main chamber of the temple under Braska's statue watching anyone who came in. Eventually, she told Baralai her name: Valeria.

But what the praetor didn't know was that Valeria was the human incarnation of the massive, somewhat sentient machina that he was almost forced to destroy the world with.


- Vegnagun's ability to sense whether someone intends to hurt it manifests in Valeria as severe social anxiety among other things.