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So I was reading this article on PTSD and how to write a character with it, right? Anyway, I was reading through the symptoms and I was like: "Well shit Baralai had to have had this on some level after the events of FFX-2."

According to my headcanon for him(I roleplay him on tumblr which is why I've been thinking about it a lot):
  • his sleep schedule got seriously fucked up (from 8-9 hours to 3 at the most)
  • He's had horrible nightmares about what Shuyin made him do, what he could have made him do (bad ending of FFX-2 for instance)
  • He's felt incredibly guilty about letting Shuyin possess him so easily
  • He doesn't like talking about it still (unless it's to Gippal or Paine, he seems to trust them the most about it, but it still takes a while)
But yeah, I was reading that and making mental notes against my headcanons and I was like "....well fuck, yeah he does have PTSD on some level." I mentioned it to a friend of mine who plays Paine and she said "Maybe, because you know he couldn't get through being possessed like that absolutely unscathed."

Thoughts anyone?

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Sunday, 13 April 2014 09:40
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So I may or may not be trying to plot out the logistics of a human personification of Vegnagun.

Under the cut is what I have so far.

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Title: Tears and Plushies
Author: Katie (AuroraBlaze/CodenameStardancer at A03)
Fandom: FFX-2
Characters, Baralai, Yuna
Summary: The night after Braska defeated Sin, Yuna gets a surprise visit from the son of one of the priests.

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